Offender Management System

CORIS manages offenders under community and institutional supervision using a single electronic offender record that is always accessible over the web in real time.

Providing better information, better security and better outcomes, the all new 2010 Virginia DOC deployment of CORIS has redefined the concept of a total offender management solution Engineered by Abilis .

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Institutional Management


Community Supervision


Offender Financials


CORIS Easy Access

CORIS OMS is an integrated system that puts all offender information at the fingertips of users.

This increases security by reducing classification errors, release errors and data entry errors. CORIS eliminates confusion and potentially dangerous situations because the data is always accurate in real-time.

CORIS follows the offender from the institution to community supervision and release.

This eliminates data errors and redundancies while increasing operational efficiency, enhancing safety, supporting better treatment plans and evidence-based practices.

The CORIS Offender Financial system creates a single trust account for the inmate within a jurisdiction and provides extensive tracking, reporting and management features in 3 areas:

  • Inmate trust account management
  • Commissary Management
  • Restitution, Fees and Fines Management

Abilis’ Easy Access Program permits a customer agency to spread the total cost of the CORIS solution across a long period of time, up to the expected life of the software itself.

Now your agency can begin reaping huge, long-term cost-savings, productivity gains and increased public security that CORIS delivers, without making a large, lump sum payment.

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