Precision. Security. Scalability

CORIS® is a web-based, integrated system that has been tailored to meet correctional services needs at all levels, including National corrections systems, State prisons, probation and parole supervision, juvenile justice, and local & regional jails, large and small.

Engineered by Abilis

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Institutional Management


Community Supervision


Offender Financials

CORIS® is an integrated system that puts all offender information at the fingertips of users.

This increases security by reducing classification errors, release errors and data entry errors. CORIS® eliminates confusion and potentially dangerous situations because the data is always accurate in real-time.

CORIS® follows the offender from the institution to community supervision and release.

This eliminates data errors and redundancies while increasing operational efficiency, enhancing safety, supporting better treatment plans and evidence-based practices.

The CORIS® Offender Financial system creates a single trust account for the inmate within a jurisdiction and provides extensive tracking, reporting and management features in 3 areas:

  • Inmate trust account management
  • Commissary Management
  • Restitution, Fees and Fines Management
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